Monday, April 01, 2013

q-tip and milk, dish soap and food coloring

Here is a super fun experiment to try out with your little ones. We had a blast doing this and will more than likely do it again. 

You will need:
Shallow plates
food coloring
dish soap

pour a little bit of milk on to the plate(s)

add some drops of food coloring in the milk.
Take a q-tip and stick it into the milk/food coloring and just hold it there. do not move around or mix in the food coloring.
Next dip a new q-tip into some dish soap and then stick the q-tip into the milk/food coloring mixture and hold still and watch what happens! Isn't it cool! Its kind of like tie-dye!

After a while the colors all meld together but we squirted a little dish soap right onto the plate and that was so cool to watch it swirl around.

Then the boys decided to add some of their ivory soap experiment to the milk/food didn't really do anything.

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