Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We started a new schedule this week at our house and are slowly getting adjusted. I think its hardest for Elijah because hes the one who gets to nap. lol. I'm now working 7:45 - 2 instead of 2 - 6:30 which is so much nicer. I like having the whole afternoon and evening off rather than the morning and a few hours at night. Elijah got out of his crib yesterday when I put him down for a nap and he fell out and hit his head on the rocking chair which resulted in a big ole bump/bruise on his forehead. Poor little guy. But he is doing fine now. He fell asleep in my arms today for his afternoon nap so I put him in his toddler bed for the very first time to sleep. He is so small in there! For the most part he will still be in his crib for sleeping but we have to make sure he is out or close to being out before we put him in there otherwise he will climb out and hurt himself again.

I haven't been shopping yet this week to get groceries. I don't think I will get as many cheap items because its brand week (all meijer items on sale) and its hard to get meijer specific coupons for those. But I hope to do well anyways! I got a big packet of Target coupons in the mail today (well Nick did and gave them to me) and they can all be paired with a manufatuer coupons which means double the savings. So I might make a trip out to Target too but we shall see. I have a few (5) blogs that I follow that have all the good deals posted on them and on one blog I found this great way to organize your coupons. Lucky me had the perfect basket, that already sits on my desk, that I can use for this organizing. What you do is take small envelopes and I used note cards and labeled each one into categories. The note card sticks into the envelope (flap cut off or folded in) and then goes into the basket. This is a really cool way to organize the many coupons I have. Plus if I want to bring it shopping with me it will fit into the seat of the cart. However I dont think I will be doing that seeing as how Elijah is my shopping buddy and they would all more than likely end up on the floor! YIKES! Usually I put the coupons I am planning on using in on envelope that is labels "Coupons to use this week" and bring just that with me. Its really handy. Here is a picture of my organizer:

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Meijer Saturday Trip

This is getting exciting for us! But I don't think I have a whole lot of storage spots available! But I will not need to buy anymore diapers for Elijah or the future baby. I have plenty of those stashed up. I also have plenty of cereal as well. I hope next week to find some good deals as well but I don' t think I will buy as much stuff as I did this week. It was a lot of fun to see how much I can save and how much food and toiletries I bring home for that amount of money. So my final trip for this week was back to Meijer for their Super Saturday Sale! Here is a picture of what I bought.

And the run down:

Non coupon items:
Loaf Pan
(2) Cheese Toast Meijer Brand

Sale Items, Coupon Items:
(2) Post Cereal: Reg $2.39
Sale for .99 cents.
Final Price 1.98 for 2 boxes
Saved: $2.80

(2) All Liquid Laundry Detergent: Reg $5.14
Sale for $3.00
Coupons: $2.00, $1.00
Final Price: $3.00 for 2
Saved: $7.28

(5) Colgate and Aquafresh Toothpaste: Reg $1.97 and $2.17
Sale for $1.00
Final Price: $5.00 for 5
Saved: $5.45

(2) Quilted Northern 6pk double rolls Reg $2.13
Sale for 1/2 off
Final Price: $2.13 for 2
Saved: $2.13

(5)DelMonte Veggies Reg. .99 cents
Sale: 69 cents
Coupons: $1.00/4, $1.00/5
Final Price: $1.45 for 5 cans
Saved: $3.50

(2) Kellogs Frosted Mini Wheats: Reg?
Sale: $2.50
Coupons: $1.50/2
Final Price: $3.50 for 2

Honey Nut Cherrios: Reg $3.39
Sale: $2.39
Coupons: $1.00
Final Price: $1.39
Saved: $2.00

(2) Gold Fish Crackers Reg $2.19
Sale: $1.00
Final Price: $2.00 for 2

Soft Soap Hand Soap Reg $2.84
Sale: $1.50
Coupon: .35 cents
Final Price: $1.15
Saved: $1.69

Total Before Coupons and Savings: $61.18
Total After Coupons and Savings: $30.30
Total Amount Saved: $30.88

I saved more than I spent!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Trip Out

Today we ventured out to Target and to Meijer again. Today is my last Friday off until April when we have our next baby. So we made a day of it by shopping and saving. First we hit up Target to get some shower and wedding presents. I also was checking out diapers because I have some good coupons to use there. While looking I found a pack of size one diapers that someone had purchased online and then returned to the store. I guess when that happens they mark them really cheap to get rid of them. The top of the pack was also opened and taped back shut but for the price that I got them for it is worth it. (price to come after picture). They also have a TON of clearance going on right now. I found two 2T shirts for Elijah next winter that are so fun and 50% off so I picked them up. Those were my major deals for Target. Then we went to Meijer (had to take mom to get grocerys) and I brought along a few more coupons that I printed off. I got 4 boxes of granola bars and a G2 Gatorade drink. Here is the picture of my deals for the day!

Okay, so here is the run down:
Sunbelt Granola bars on sale for 2/$4
I used two BOGO coupons
Final Price for the 4 Boxes of Granola Bars: $4
Amount Saved: $4. 38

Gatorade G2 on sale for .99cents
Used a .50 cent off coupon
Final Price: .49 cents

Two Shirts original price: $6 each
Clearanced out at $3.00 each
Final price for 2 shirts: $6.24
Amount Saved: $6.24

Huggies Diapers Size 1, 84 count
Regular price: 16.99
Marked down price: $4.26
Coupon used: $1.50
Final Price: $2.76
Which averages out to be around .03 cents a diaper! When usually that pack would be about .20 cents a diaper! WOO HOO!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Couponing week one:

Today we adventured out to Meijer to do our weekly grocery shopping. I ended up with two grocery orders.

Order one consisted of the following:

2 pks Huggies diapers
regular price: 9.97
sale price: 8.97
final price: 6.72 each after coupons
received a $4.00 CAT OYNO coupon

2 pks Huggies wipes
regular price: 5.99
sale price: 5.49
final price: 4.86 each after coupons

5 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks
regular price: 2.22, 2.22, 1.88, 1.88, 1.88
sale price: No sale
final price: 1.53 each after coupons
received a $3.50 CAT OYNO coupon

5 Breakstone Cottage Cheese doublers
regular price: 1.00
sale price: no sale
final price 1.00 each
received a $5.00 CAT OYNO coupon

Total before coupons and sale prices:
Total after coupons and sale prices:
Amount Saved:
$12.50 CAT OYNO (coupons good for money off your next order)

Order number two:
The second order consisted of all my 'regular' grocery items as well as a few extra things that I was able to get for really cheap.
Here are the really good deals:

-Buy two milks get a 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk free (with coupon) valued @ 2.79

-Italian sausage
reg $3.89
final price $2.15

-(2) Quaker Oats 18oz.
reg. $3.28 each
final price $.98 cents for both! could have been free but couldn't get the extra coupon to print!

-(3) Goldfish crackers
final price $1.00

-(2)Starkist Tuna pouch
reg $1.89
final price $.04 cents each!

-(2)Aunt Jemima Syrup
reg $3.48 each
final price .99 cents each!

- 2 pk Gerber pjs
reg $9.99
final price $5.99

-(4) Delmonte canned Fruit
reg. $1.49 (2) and $1.36
Final price $.49 cents each

-(4) Cereals (Frosted Flakes-2, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks)
eg. $2.69, $3.39, $2.95
final price $1.75 each

I obviously bought more than what was listed above. Those were just the good deals I got. I used the $12.50 CAT's that I got from my first order on my second order. My Final Totals were:

Total before coupons and sale prices:
Total after coupons and sale prices:
Amount Saved:

The two orders combined I paid the following:
Total before coupons and sals prices:
Total after coupons and sale prices:
Total Amount Saved:

I do have to say this is the most I have saved using coupons ever! And I am happy to be saving it. I hope in the future I can learn new tricks and save even more but I am proud of myself for getting this far. I have always 'clipped coupons' but never to this extent and its nice to see that the 2 hours I put into this with finding all the coupons is worth it! I would also like to thank Rosaria who checked us out at Meijer, she was very helpful and friendly and didn't mind the coupons at all! There were even a couple that I had items for and they were not working so she did the adjustment thing and made the computer take them! YEAH! Oh here is one last picture for fun...
Yes that right, thats my grocery list! YIKES! What a mess! Yet I still survived! WooHoo!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Savings of the week...

I think I am going to start adding some different things to my blog besides family updates and such. Today I will start of by sharing some of my great deals that I have gotten over the last two days.

Friday we make the trek up to Muskegon to the Lakes Mall to visit the motherhood maternity store. I was looking online at some of their sale items and was going to buy online but I don't really like to return stuff so we decided to make the trip. I was looking to get a dress or two for a few upcoming weddings that we have as well as some nursing bras. I was lucky enough to find 2 new dresses, 2 long sleeve t-shirts, 1 sweater, 1 pair corduroy pants, and 3 bras. I was really excited to finally find some dresses to wear and other warm clothes for the winter. I spent $175 dollars which seems like a lot but I saved $112 dollars which is also a lot. Plus, Motherhood has good quality clothing that will last for all the rest of my pregnancy's and I will be able to use them over and over again.
While at the mall we also stopped in at The Childrens Place. I've been looking for some pj's for E and they have their monster sale going on. I found 2 pairs of pj's and 1 red and white stripped sweater for him. The pj's were on sale for 6.99 and the sweater was only $5 bucks! Which is really cheap for childrens place. I dont know how much I saved there at the moment. but I know it was a lot!

Saturday (today) mom and I went over to Carters to look for a b-day present for her neighbors son who will be 1. Of course you can't go into that store and not buy anything. So once again I was looking for p'js and found some along with a lot of other stuff. I bought a baby present for a friend, a spring jacket, 2 sets of pj''s, 1 pair of fleece pants, and a shirt for E. The original prices for everything before taxes came to a total of $125 dollars! That is so much money! But they had a lot of sales/clearance with an additional 30% off and then I had a coupon for 25% off your total purchase so I was able to get all those items for a grand total, after taxes for only $18.88! Now thats a great deal!