Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We started a new schedule this week at our house and are slowly getting adjusted. I think its hardest for Elijah because hes the one who gets to nap. lol. I'm now working 7:45 - 2 instead of 2 - 6:30 which is so much nicer. I like having the whole afternoon and evening off rather than the morning and a few hours at night. Elijah got out of his crib yesterday when I put him down for a nap and he fell out and hit his head on the rocking chair which resulted in a big ole bump/bruise on his forehead. Poor little guy. But he is doing fine now. He fell asleep in my arms today for his afternoon nap so I put him in his toddler bed for the very first time to sleep. He is so small in there! For the most part he will still be in his crib for sleeping but we have to make sure he is out or close to being out before we put him in there otherwise he will climb out and hurt himself again.

I haven't been shopping yet this week to get groceries. I don't think I will get as many cheap items because its brand week (all meijer items on sale) and its hard to get meijer specific coupons for those. But I hope to do well anyways! I got a big packet of Target coupons in the mail today (well Nick did and gave them to me) and they can all be paired with a manufatuer coupons which means double the savings. So I might make a trip out to Target too but we shall see. I have a few (5) blogs that I follow that have all the good deals posted on them and on one blog I found this great way to organize your coupons. Lucky me had the perfect basket, that already sits on my desk, that I can use for this organizing. What you do is take small envelopes and I used note cards and labeled each one into categories. The note card sticks into the envelope (flap cut off or folded in) and then goes into the basket. This is a really cool way to organize the many coupons I have. Plus if I want to bring it shopping with me it will fit into the seat of the cart. However I dont think I will be doing that seeing as how Elijah is my shopping buddy and they would all more than likely end up on the floor! YIKES! Usually I put the coupons I am planning on using in on envelope that is labels "Coupons to use this week" and bring just that with me. Its really handy. Here is a picture of my organizer:

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