Saturday, December 27, 2008

The holiday season

What a busy time has gone by with all the holiday celebrations! We had a great Christmas season and its was so much fun with Elijah. Next year will be even better because we won't have to open all the gifts I wrapped for Eli...he can do it himself! Below are a bunch of pictures from our holiday celebrations. They are in backward order though because the blogger is retarded. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

At my parents house on chrismtas day the cousins got presents from santa claus! There was a quad, discovery table, and a wagon! They are so much fun and the kids love playing with them.

Look at all those presents! We ended up taking a break halfway through so the kids could take a nap! While they were sleeping the adults opened more of theirs!

These are the totally awesome alpha-peek-a-blocks i wanted for Elijah. They have the letter on each block then an object that starts with that letter on the cute!

This is me, my mom, and sisters Katie and Jennifer. I make them all bags for christmas. Moms was a bumble bee one with 4 diaper pouches that go inside...its her grandma bag. then my sisters are brown with either pink or blue and they even have pockets on the inside...i was so happy with they way they turned out and they all liked them to so that was good.

Aunt Jen got Elijah a glow worm for christmas because he was our little glow worm while he was on the billi blanket for his jaundice after we brought him home from the hospital.

Our Christmas tree christmas morning.

This is what Santa brought for Elijah

He loves his jumper.

can you see the jars of food on it? Those are what we put in his stocking... practical things like food, pacifiers, and a clip.

David and Elijah opening up presents. My boys are so cute!

Here is what we got for Elijah for christmas... a huge pile of clothes... 4 Berenstein Bears christian themed books that are so cute and then a paise baby cd.

so cute with a bow on his head.

This is one of the things david got for me. Its the creative memories keeper for organizing your papers and stickers into themes... Everyone who scraps needs this its so awesome!

a family picture in front of the tree after we opened all our gifts.

At Dale and Joys for christmas we got the kids all matching pj's. They were all so cute and we had to get some pictures. Alydiah, Xavier Elijah and Lijah

Elijah sitting on Santas lap at the Smith christmas crying this year... we will see what next year brings.

At the coffey christmas I thought it would be nice to get a 4 generation picture of Elijah, David, Dale and Russell... so cute...david needs a flanel shirt though...
And at the tanner christmas party we finally got to see our cousins from Texas and their super cute kids...Cady and Chase. Cady was so cute to watch with the little kids and she loved talking to and playing with Elijah

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Eli is rolling over all the time now... which should explain this picture
We put up Eli's high chair so he can sit at the table with us when we eat dinner.
unhappy tired baby but still ever so cute!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


These pictures are backwards and I don't feel like switching them around! But they are all still cute non the less! Enjoy!

Elijahs 3 Month pictures and Family pictures:

We went with Dale and Joy to get Coffey Family pictures taken:

This was while I was decorating for Christmas:
Eli fell asleep in daddys arms

Christmas Tree Hunting:

Friday, November 21, 2008

Elijah's first SNOW

This one is our favorite. We took these pictures from Eli's bedroom. There is a nice big sliding door in there with a pretty view of the snow so of course I had to get some pictures! This one might end up as a christmas card this year... what do you think?
this is another one of my favorites but you cant see the snow in it.
He is such a happy boy. Every morning when I wake up its usually to a happy face like in this picture!
Im not sure what he was thinking in this picture but it is cute and shows his how to build a snowman shirt off well and all the snow that we had outside!
This is one of Elijahs new things to do... blow bubbles... LOL it is so cute but messy. He also discoverd his tounge last week so thats always going in and out of his mouth as well!
Eli is now up to THREE times with rolling over. He is getting so big and strong and we are just loving him to pieces. He weighed in at 12.9 and was 24 in. at his 2 month appt.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Just some fun videos....

Nyla and Eli at logans. She kept saying his name over and over!

Playing on the floor with mommy

so happy in his car seat. He smiles like this every time he gets in it!

Nyla and Colton Playing at grandmas

Nyla making animal sounds and pointing out her body parts.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Eli doing tummy time...

This video was taken right after he rolled over for the first time. He is 6 weeks old in this.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Happy Guy!

Elijah is getting so big already and we are loving him like crazy. On October 20, 2008 he rolled over for the first time and he was only 6 weeks & 6 days old! It was from tummy to back. I was so surprised when he did because usually babies don't roll over until they are around 3-4 months old! I don't think he will roll over again for a while but it was fun seeing him do it for the first time. These are some of my favorite pictures of Elijah. The green hat he is wearing I got from Childrens Place this past spring in Birch Run for less than a dollar and it is so cute on him. I love the green and light blues on him.This first picture is just to cute. We got home one day and he had fallen alseep and his hat had tipped on his head. It was just to cute not to get a picture and miss the moment!

Here he is in his bouncy seat. He loves to listen to the little music that plays and when it stops he gets fussy until we turn it back on. Its to cute. He is wearing a cute turtle outfit I got last year on clearance from Carters and a pair of shoes that the McComiskey's gave us as a shower gift. They are so cute and i couldn't wait for him to wear them, but they were all to big but i had to get a picture of him in them before i took them off.
Here is our happy little guy. I had just put him in his car seat and was talking to him and he just started smiling like crazy. He recognizes mommy and daddy and loves to share his smiles with us. Especailly when daddy gets home from work at night.
So happy