Friday, September 24, 2010


Hi to the few of you who actually read this blog. I have been super busy and often times forget to update this, especially since most of my stuff is on facebook.

Here is an update on our family and what we are up to:

David has been at ISD Corp. for 2 months now and is really enjoying it. He likes being able to leave for home at 5 and get home shortly after. Its a close job!

I have been keeping busy as a Stay at Home Mommy. It is a huge blessing for all of us that I am able to stay home and take care of the boys. I also watch Colton on Fridays while Katie is in class. I run a blog called Cloth Diaper Addiction and really enjoy it and I am learning quite a bit about cloth diapering. The blog is only 3 months old and I already have close to 300 followers. I also have a facebook page to go with my blog and we are almost to 600 followers on that. I am meeting some other great ladies who cloth diaper and love to share their stories. For the blog I do reviews on cloth diapers as well as other great parenting products. I contact companies with review requests and they will send me a product for free as also a second item for a giveaway. I love being able to try out things that we typically would not buy for ourselves. Having the blog does take some work though because you have companies that are rely on you to get word out about their product but its fun and I enjoy doing it.

Elijah just turned 2 on the second. So we celebrated his golden birthday with a tractor themed party. I think he now owns every tractor toy that is made. Grandpa C. also built him an awesome big barn for him to store all his tractors in. We are working with him on his sleep habits. He has a hard time going to bed and will wake up quite a bit during the night. He was 28 pounds and 36 inces at his 2 year check up.

Ezekiel is doing good too. He is rolling over both ways now and loves to grab and at his toys. We gave Zeke his first bottle at 4 months and he did really well taking it. After slowing introducing it we decided we were ready to wean him and switch him over to formula. This past week he broke out in a horrible rash and the doctor wasn't quite sure what it was. He also started projectile vomiting and so the doctor suggested we give him pedialite. His rash is now gone and he seems to be doing a little better with the vomiting. He was 6.4 ounces at his 4 month check up and was 17.2 a week and a half later when we went in for his rash! He is big growing boy!