Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Happy Guy!

Elijah is getting so big already and we are loving him like crazy. On October 20, 2008 he rolled over for the first time and he was only 6 weeks & 6 days old! It was from tummy to back. I was so surprised when he did because usually babies don't roll over until they are around 3-4 months old! I don't think he will roll over again for a while but it was fun seeing him do it for the first time. These are some of my favorite pictures of Elijah. The green hat he is wearing I got from Childrens Place this past spring in Birch Run for less than a dollar and it is so cute on him. I love the green and light blues on him.This first picture is just to cute. We got home one day and he had fallen alseep and his hat had tipped on his head. It was just to cute not to get a picture and miss the moment!

Here he is in his bouncy seat. He loves to listen to the little music that plays and when it stops he gets fussy until we turn it back on. Its to cute. He is wearing a cute turtle outfit I got last year on clearance from Carters and a pair of shoes that the McComiskey's gave us as a shower gift. They are so cute and i couldn't wait for him to wear them, but they were all to big but i had to get a picture of him in them before i took them off.
Here is our happy little guy. I had just put him in his car seat and was talking to him and he just started smiling like crazy. He recognizes mommy and daddy and loves to share his smiles with us. Especailly when daddy gets home from work at night.
So happy

Friday, October 03, 2008

Elijahs one month pictures

I can't believe he is one month old already. Here are some of his one month pictures we had taken at sears. They turned out so good!