Saturday, November 14, 2009

Opps! A little behind...

...but i have a good excuse this time! I have been super busy plus I have been super sick with morning sickness! After battling it for a while I ask my doc for something to help and he put me on unisom and B6 which might have worked a little better if it hadn't knocked me out. When ever I took it all I wanted to do and could do was sleep which isn't that great when you have a 14 month old at home and have to drive a half hour to school twice a falling asleep while driving for me thank you! So after trying that out for a while he put me on a new Rx and it really helps with the nausea which is great. I can actually make it through the day with out barfing my guts out! So things are going much better for me this time around because of the new medicines I'm on.

Elijah is doing good as well. He is a very active and injury prone little boy. If you are around him much you will know he is constantly getting hurt. We visited the ER a couple of times, once for a smashed finger in a door, no broken bones which was good, and the second time because he fell while walking and bit his lip, and a major blood vessel in that lip! After about 8 hours of bleeding and multiple blood soaked bibs, rags, towels, and blankets we thought that would be the good thing to take him in. After being looked over by the nurse, Physicians assistant and then the actual doctor that came to the conclusion that they didn't know what would work. They suggested we could wait another hour to see if it would stop( it had already bled 8 hours) or they could put in a stitch but they were not even sure if that would work. So after mommy and daddy were kicked out to the waiting room they three (nurse, pa and dr.) all held him down, which is a challenge in itself) and inserted 2 stitches into his lip which worked! We were glad it did! And the doctor (who we really liked) was glad that it worked to. They gave him a little stuffed teddy bear with a rattle for him for being such a good little guy! He is still very active and gets into and onto everything and gets hurt a lot but i guess thats all a part of who he is!

Picture time!

This was after we carved pumpkins. He loved taking the lid on and off and looking inside. However he HaTeD the carving part. He would cry if we tried to get him to touch the guts or if we put it near him. It was to funny!

Our little froggy! I got this costume at a garage sale in the spring and it fit Elijah perfectly! It was so stinken adorable. This was at the Smith Grandparents house on the front porch. He is quite the poser sometimes!

This picture was walking into our church for their fall festival. They had a lot of fun games, a couple which E could do but he got a ton of candy and enjoyed playing there!

These are a little out of order but oh-well! E, NyNy and Linin (as E calls them) sitting in Grandmas rocker Halloween morning waiting for their orange breakfast. And last our new little Coffey bean! At our 10 and 14 week check ups the doc couldn't pick up the heart beat so he sent us in for an early ultrasound. We (the u/s tech) found a heart beat of 163 and showed us our sqwirmy little bean. We are NOT finding out what we are having!