Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Week two and three of couponing

Week Two: This was Meijer band week with the sales which means that most of the items on sale were meijer brand and you can't really get coupons for that stuff. However they did have the Buy 10 for $10 get on free so I did get some good deals that way. Week two I spent $63.24 and saved 32.19 Not to bad for it being Meijer week.

Week Three: This week was kind of a last minute shopping trip. Elijah has a double ear infection so I figured while I was at the store I might as well do my grocery shopping while I was there. I only had about an hour to put together my list and gather my coupons but I dont think I did to bad. Here is what I got:

They had a lot of good deals this week. Bread was buy one get 2 free! Plus I had a .55 cent coupon so it was even cheaper. It was 2.99 a loaf but I got three loaves for $2.44 a total of .81 cents a piece! They also had the Jacks pizza that is uaully $3.33 each and I got them for $1.09 each. I spent $6.20 on grapes but they were cheap for $1.24 a pound and my boys and myself love to munch on them. Cream cheese was probably my best deal. I bought 4. They usually would be $6.96 for 4 of them but I paid$3.00 for 4 of them! Shredded Cheese I got 6 bags for $1.16 a piece and we love cheese over here so its a good deal! There were a lot of other good deals that didn't make it on my list so Im probably going to head back over there some time this week to pick up those few missing items.
Total spent tonight: $67.85
Total Saved: $54.67

The 'Pantry'

Now that we have started couponing our pantry is starting to change looks. This is the picture I took the first week I started: (two weeks ago)

This is what it looks like today. There is so much stuff in there! And I'm sure it will continue to grow which means more cleaning it out. The games on the top shelf need to be moved to the large storage closet.