Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Old saw mill creek and eating at the Depot down town

After playing some mini golf and viewing the bridge

Butterfly Garden on the Island

Rondom stuff on the island

We stayed at the newly remodled Days Inn. We had reservations at the Econo Lodge but when we got up there they said that the HVAC unit was all over the place in the room, so we ended up having to find a new hotel and also ended up getting a 200 dollar a night room for about 110 a night. We talked them into a good bargen.. at least for us anyway!
A drive along Wilderness Rd up in Mackinac. We found a few cool beaches but they were all pretty shallow but nice to cool off in. The sunset was pretty to! And we got to play in the sand.. can you read what we wrote?

Traverse City, Light House Point