Friday, June 22, 2007

Uncle David Loves to Hold Nyla

Uncle David, Aunt Kristina, Uncle Nick, Roz, Aunt Katie, Uncle Tom, Ben, Jen and Nyla.
Her first trip to the lake!

Aunt Kristina holding her little wiggle bug on her 1 month birthday!

So sweet!

Laughing at mommy while eating!

Nyla's first trip to the farm and meeting Great Grandpa Blaauw.

Sleeping so sweet

Stretching out so big

In her car seat before going home

Jen trying out the new carrier from aunt mary.

So cute

Nyla holding the first jar of homemade strawberry jam

smiling so big!

Helping out with her bottle

With aunt kristina

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sunset at Tunnel Park

Copyright 2007 David Coffey

Monday, June 18, 2007

Nyla's finally home!

Jen and Ben Talking with the doctor about discharge paperwork
Showing of Nylas going home outfit
All ready to go in her carseat
Jen and Ben Leaving the NIM ward for the last time
Everyones buckled and ready to go home for the first time as a familyNyla didnt like the sun shining in her face... this is one of my favorite pictures
Welcome home nyla
on her changing table downstairs
Aunt Kristina finally holding Nyla after waiting 4 lvery long weeks


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nyla update

Hey just a quick update...

We thought Nyla would be able to come home on Monday but things didnt go as well as we hoped. Today she is 25 days old and I still havent been able to hold her. Just Mommy and Daddy. The one major hurdle she has to over come is eating. When Jen and Ben are there she will eat most of her bottle. But when they leave and the nurses have to do the feedings they will only try a bottle for about 20 min then gavage the rest. What we need is for Nyla not to have the gavage feeding done. This weekend she was really fussy and they gave her some medicine to calm her down and it put her to sleep. So the next two feedings were 100% gavage with no bottle at all. Right now the only way for her to come home is for her to do 48 hours of bottle feeding only so when the nurse gave her the medicine her 48 hours started over. Then this morning she ate a whole bottle all by herself at 8am which is wonderful. Its the first full bottle she has eaten.. but then at her next feeding she was still full and wouldnt eat at all hardly and had to be gavage fed... a new 48 hours started. Tomarrow Jen and Ben are going to talk to the doctor and ask that they start doing demand feeding which is where the nurse or Jen and Ben when they are there feed her when she is hungry even if its only an ounce at a time every hour what ever the baby takes rather than having a set schedule of only being fed every 3 hours. Jen is starting to have a harder time because she really wants to have her baby home and she is so close all the time but then the nurses don't feel like waking up the baby to be fed so they just gavage her and she has to start her hours all over again. Jen and Ben might end up staying at the hospital for 48 hours doing all the feedings themselves to show that she can eat all that she needs to when people take the time to do so. Because that is how it will be when she comes home anyways.

Ok ... I thought it would be a quick note but its not.. sorry. Please continue to pray for Jen, Ben and Nyla. For her continue strength in eating and that she can come home soon. Thanks for all the prayers.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Nyla update.. shes off oxygen!

A note from Jen:

Hip Hip Hooray! Nyla came off oxygen today!!!

When we got here this morning, Nyla had no nasal cannula in! She was weaned off oxygen over the past couple of days and is now breathing 100% on her own! What a tough little cookie!

All she needs to do now in order for her to come home is eat a full bottle (2 1/4 oz) by herself with out gavaging it. (in the tube) She is eating a little over an ounce by herself but she gets tired and falls asleep while she is eating it. Mommy still loves to hold her and feed her. Daddy does a great job too! He can get her to burp really good.

Nyla still has leads on that are taped to her belly and chest to keep track of her heart beat and a pulse-ox on her foot to keep track of her oxygen level in her blood. She is doing great!

We are so happy that she is doing well. Please pray for her to continue to eat a little more each feeding so that we might be able to bring her home this week. Also please keep Ben and me in your thoughts. Ben went back to work this past week and continues to drive me up to the hospital each night. He is pretty tired. He goes back on third shift starting tonight and I am not really looking forward to that.