Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's the holiday season...

Our Christmas Tree

This year we went with the Coffeys to the Leber Tree Farm and loved the selection they had. We had gone there the first year we were married and hadn't been back since because we tried out different places. So we went there this year and you take a tractor wagon back to the trees pick out your tree load it back up on the wagon, hop on and ride back up to the barn. Elijah LOVED the tractor and riding on the wagon. We decided to check out the balsum fir trees this year and we loved them. They have soft needles so you don't get all poked when you decorate it and they hold the needles better so they don't fall off as quick and won't hurt to step on! It has a really nice color as well. Elijah had a lot of fun walking through all the trees helping to pick one out. There were so many good trees to choose from. They were all trimmed so nice and hardly any had huge gaping holes!

Here are some pictures from our adventure:

Elijah and Grandpa standing by the tractor.

Elijah helping Daddy cut down our Christmas tree!

After Dale and Joy dropped our tree off Elijah got really excited and ran around it squealing with happiness! He was so excited even though I'm sure he didn't really know what was going on. lol
Time to open up the tree. Elijah helps Daddy take off the netting...we did it nice and slow so he didn't get slapped in the face with branches. Notice its not hurting him to touch it! It's such a nice soft tree!
Our finished, decorated tree. No other decorations were up yet at this point. They are slowly going up this week. I will post more pictures of them when I get the time to take a picture! LOL