Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nyla update... she is two weeks old today!

Hi, as of last night Nyla was up to 7lbs, 8ozs. Her breathing is still really heavy and she gets tired very quickly. As i mentioned in my last post, Nyla has been doing a little bit of bottle feeding. She was doing ok but lately she has been struggling with it. After about 10cc which is less than 1/2 an ounce she gets tired from trying to eat so they have to switch back to the feeding tube so she can get all of her nutrients. Because of all the marconium that she swallowed while in the womb her lungs were quite damaged. Now that the marconium is gone for the most part her lungs have to heal. They were inflamed and they are scared which is causing her to get so tired out from eating. She will be in the hospital for at least another week possibly longer. We all want to see Nyla come home as soon as possible but right now we need to make sure she gets stronger and can eat on her own with out getting tired. Please continue to pray for Nyla, Jen and Ben. Ben started work back up yesterday and Jen can't drive so Mom took her up yesterday and Ben met them after work. Thanks again for all the prayers.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Nyla is learning to eat from a bottle

Nyla is continuing to do well, however, now is the waiting game. She needs to be able to maintain her breathing at a slow rate. Right now she fluctuates between 70 and 80. A "normal" infants breathing rate is about 20 to 40. They are happy if she is under 70.
Yesterday Nyla was at 66 right before her feeding and the nurse said she was doing well enough that we could feed her with a bottle! The nurse fed her a little bit first to make sure she didnt aspirate any of it (swallow it into her lungs) and then mommy got to feed her! Our nurse Deloros fed her about 10 CCs (2 TBLS) and then Mommy got to feed her about 25 CCs. She ate just over an ounce total with the bottle. She did a great job by keeping her breathing slowed down and pausing when she needed to swallow. She needs to eat about 70 CCs each feeding so the rest was fed to her through her gavage tube. She was so comfortable that she fell asleep in Mommy's arms.
This morning, our nurse fed her again with a bottle because she was under 70 again, but we havent been able to yet again today because she is still breathing just a bit to quickly. We dont want to push her before she is ready.
Her oxygen level is up and down, depending on what her needs are. Mommy and Daddy want to bring home their daughter very badly but she'll let us know when she is ready. We dont want to push her and get her home just to have to bring her back.
Nyla is happy to have gotten to meet her aunts, uncles and grandparents. We want to say thank you again for your thoughts and prayers for Nyla and for Mommy and Daddy. We are tired but happy to have been blessed with such a beautiful little baby and a great family who is so supportive.
Ben, Jen and Nyla

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Nyla is a fighter

This morning the doctors removed the tube from Nyla throat and put her on a c-pap machine. She is doing great! They are now slowly reducing the amount of oxygen support she receives from the c-pap. Currently she is at a 38. The doctor said that a normal baby has a 21 on their own. She is so close to getting off of oxygen support. They also placed the IV pick into her head because the one in her hand was swelling. So far it is doing its job and her swelling has gone down some. They still have the needle (IV) in her had but it is not attached to anything at the moment. I believe they used it once to give her some medicine but that is all. Hopefully they will be able to remove that in the next day or so. While visiting up at Devos this afternoon Nyla was awake and alert. She loves looking at you and listening to you talk to her. I guess yesterday she was quite fussy and didn't really want visitors/attention but today she was loving it! I think mainly because that tube is out and now she can move her head a round a little more and is more comfy. Also while visiting this afternoon the nurse said that Nyla looked like she was ready to eat something. They will probably try that in the next day or so also. What they will do is put a feeding tube down to her stomach and place just a tiny bit of milk in her stomach. To much could make her sick since she hasn't eaten anything since she was born. At this point all good is happening which is great. The only main concern is for infection where there have been holes poked into her for IV's and such. Other wise she is doing great. Thanks for all your continued prayers, they are greatly appreciated and they are truly being answered! Thanks again

Nyla Pictures

Thursday, May 17, 2007

more answered prayers for Nyla Marie

Today was a very good day for Nyla. Since her birth she has been receiving 100% oxygen supports as of 5:00 today she was down to 40% which is the lowest she is allowed to go while receiving certain medicines. She is getting stonger and is defiantly a fighter. Please continue to pray for Nyla Marie as well as Ben and Jen. Jen is having a hard time not being able to see her baby and wants to be with her.

To stay updated with more information about Nyla Marie you can visit and create a free account. Once registered seach for the patient NylaMarieDeppe all one word with the first letter of each name being capitalized. This will provide pictures as well as important information on her health. Thanks for your prayers.

New Nyla update

As of this morning:

Ben called Jen this morning and after they arrived at the hospital last night the doctors did some more tests. They found that Nyla Marie does not have a collapsed lung. Which is a blessing and an answered prayer. They put her in an incubater, and she is still on oxygen as well as a feeding tube. She is being given a special medication to help strengthen her lungs. She still have a bunch of gunk in her lungs that she needs to cough up yet. Thanks for all your prayers...please continue praying for Nyla Marie, Jen and Ben. Thanks

Details about Nyla Marie.. please continue to pray.

Hi everyone.. you have probably read my notes.. i am an aunt now. A scared one though. Jens water broke around 9:30 and they went into the hospital... not much was really going on though, just a few slight contractions. Mom and I stopped in for a quick visit around lunch time and decided to say until a nurse came in for a check up witch ended up being around 3pm. They noticed that the baby had pooped in the placenta and they were worried she would swallow it so they called her doctor in. They babys heart rate dropped to about a 70 which is really bad so they turned Jen on her side and gave her oxygen which brought the heart beat back up to the 150s. When the doctor got there he checked Jen out and told her and Ben that they needed to do an emergency c-section because they baby wouldn't make it much longer in the womb. Within less than 10 mins. they had Jen downstairs in the opperating room and we got our little Nyla Marie. Named after my Grandma Smith and my Grandma Blaauw. They took the baby upstairs right away to start cleaning her up. She ended up swallowing a bunch of the fluid that was in the placenta and filled up her lungs with it. The only way to get it out is for her to cough it out or cry it out. No one has held her yet. Around 6 they tried to feed Nyla and she wouldn't suck. They said the fluid in her lungs made her feel like she had the flu and when you feel that way you dont really want to eat.They said they would try again at 8 to feed her. She has been on oxygen since they brought her upstairs around 4:15 ish. Around 8 they tried feeding her and she wouldn't take it so they ended up putting a feeding tube in her because her sugar level was low. They also took an x-ray to see how much fluid she had in her tiny lungs. What they found was one collapsed lung and the other one full of that nasty fluid. The doctor came in a talked with Jen and Ben and told them that they had called for an ambulance to come down from DeVos Children's Hospital and get the baby because she needed to be in intensive care. The ambulance would have special equipment as well as specialized doctors to care for her. They decided that Mom would stay with Jen for the night and Ben and i believe his mom went to Devos to be with the baby. Jens c-section is doing good and as far as her body goes she is doing well. Emotionally though i am sure she and Ben both are having a very hard time. Still not having been able to hold their new little girl. In the morning I am planning on going to the hospital to sit with Jen for a while. Mom is going to go home to clean up and change then she will be headed to Devos to look after the baby and Ben will be coming back to Zeeland to be with Jen. Please continue to pray for Nyla, Jen and Ben. Looking at the night I have had this far... I can't even begin to imagine what they are feeling. Once again I ask everyone to not bother Jen and Ben with phone calls. If you would like to talk to someone call either Me or Katie and we can try to answer the best as possible. my cell is 2189044. I will let people know if Jen wants any visitors tomorrow. I will print off my pictures that i took of the baby so you can see them if she does want visitors. Thanks again for your prayers I will continue to keep everyone updated. thanks

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pray for Nyla Marie, my new niece.

Nyla Marie was born 5-16-07 at 3:56pm. 6lbs 14 oz. 19.5 inches long. Jen ended up having an emergency c-section because of major complications. Around 9 oclock the doctor told Jen and Ben that the baby needed to be transfered from Zeeland Hospital to Devos Childrens Hospital... She has a collapsed lung and the other is full of a fluid mixture. She is on a feeding tube and oxygen. Please pray for Nyla , Jen and Ben. Ben is going tonight to Devos and Mom is staying with Jen at the hospital. Tomarrow I will be going to Zeeland to sit with jen while mom goes home to shower then up to devos to trade places with ben. Thanks for your prayers.

Nyla Marie was born 5-16-07 at 3:56pm. 6lbs 14 oz. 19.5 inches long. Jen ended up having an emergency c-section because of major complications. Around 9 oclock the doctor told Jen and Ben that the baby needed to be transfered from Zeeland Hospital to Devos Childrens Hospital... She has a collapsed lung and the other is full of a fluid mixture. She is on a feeding tube and oxygen. Please pray for Nyla , Jen and Ben.