Thursday, May 17, 2007

Details about Nyla Marie.. please continue to pray.

Hi everyone.. you have probably read my notes.. i am an aunt now. A scared one though. Jens water broke around 9:30 and they went into the hospital... not much was really going on though, just a few slight contractions. Mom and I stopped in for a quick visit around lunch time and decided to say until a nurse came in for a check up witch ended up being around 3pm. They noticed that the baby had pooped in the placenta and they were worried she would swallow it so they called her doctor in. They babys heart rate dropped to about a 70 which is really bad so they turned Jen on her side and gave her oxygen which brought the heart beat back up to the 150s. When the doctor got there he checked Jen out and told her and Ben that they needed to do an emergency c-section because they baby wouldn't make it much longer in the womb. Within less than 10 mins. they had Jen downstairs in the opperating room and we got our little Nyla Marie. Named after my Grandma Smith and my Grandma Blaauw. They took the baby upstairs right away to start cleaning her up. She ended up swallowing a bunch of the fluid that was in the placenta and filled up her lungs with it. The only way to get it out is for her to cough it out or cry it out. No one has held her yet. Around 6 they tried to feed Nyla and she wouldn't suck. They said the fluid in her lungs made her feel like she had the flu and when you feel that way you dont really want to eat.They said they would try again at 8 to feed her. She has been on oxygen since they brought her upstairs around 4:15 ish. Around 8 they tried feeding her and she wouldn't take it so they ended up putting a feeding tube in her because her sugar level was low. They also took an x-ray to see how much fluid she had in her tiny lungs. What they found was one collapsed lung and the other one full of that nasty fluid. The doctor came in a talked with Jen and Ben and told them that they had called for an ambulance to come down from DeVos Children's Hospital and get the baby because she needed to be in intensive care. The ambulance would have special equipment as well as specialized doctors to care for her. They decided that Mom would stay with Jen for the night and Ben and i believe his mom went to Devos to be with the baby. Jens c-section is doing good and as far as her body goes she is doing well. Emotionally though i am sure she and Ben both are having a very hard time. Still not having been able to hold their new little girl. In the morning I am planning on going to the hospital to sit with Jen for a while. Mom is going to go home to clean up and change then she will be headed to Devos to look after the baby and Ben will be coming back to Zeeland to be with Jen. Please continue to pray for Nyla, Jen and Ben. Looking at the night I have had this far... I can't even begin to imagine what they are feeling. Once again I ask everyone to not bother Jen and Ben with phone calls. If you would like to talk to someone call either Me or Katie and we can try to answer the best as possible. my cell is 2189044. I will let people know if Jen wants any visitors tomorrow. I will print off my pictures that i took of the baby so you can see them if she does want visitors. Thanks again for your prayers I will continue to keep everyone updated. thanks

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