Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Month of October

Hey everyone, October is almost over so I thought I would post some stuff since is has been a while.
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This month so far:

We visited out at the Blaauw Family farm and took some pictures. Me with the cows and David with the soy beans. We spent they day out there with Grandpa Blaauw, which was nice, and he especially enjoyed it because he was able to drive his golf cart and he was able to walk down the hallway at his house after his nap. For those of you how dont know, Grandpa was paralyzed on his left side after having a biopsy done in his brain. After lots of PT he is now walking!

This is my cousin Justines baby boy. Tyler Robert Martin. He is a little cutie pie!

This is Jess Crisp our music pastors wife and Katie at the church baby shower for Katie. Aren't they cute? Jess did a great job throwing Katie a shower.

This is a painting I did for Katies baby room. It matches her bedding set. I also made a couple of wall pegs to hang bags or coats on. The bedding set is called MOO MOO BABY by Lambs and Ivy. Its so cute.

the Next few pictures are from our annual girl trip. This year we went to Frankenmuth and Birch Run for some major shopping. I got almost all of mine done in one day! I think I spent around 240 dollars but I had about 420 in savings! wow thats a great deal. Any ways, it was a fun day. Grandma Smith, Aunt Pen, Justing, Brie, Tyler, Mom, Katie, Jenni, Nyla and I all went.
Jen and Nyla

Aunt Pen, Justine, Tyler, And Brie

Mom getting ornaments

This is Nyla eating her toes while i was babysitting her. She is such a cutie .

This is mine and davids nephew Xavior, he is 2 now! What a ham!
we were playing with blocks and cars.

Nyla is wearing aunt kristinas favorite... TURTLES!!!

These are some pretty flowers David got for me. He is so awesome!

And last, this is a really pretty sunset that we watched from our patio on our apartment.