Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Please Help Pray

A few days ago my Grandpa Blaauw tripped and fell but everything seemed okay. Yesterday I guess he was peeling an orange and he started shaking so my Uncle Ken who lives across the driveway took him and my Grandma to the hospital. While there my Grandma started to get sick and to they admitted her into the hospital as well. It turns out the reason my Grandpa tripped and was shaking was because they found a tumor in his brain. So through the rest of the night he was having seizures. Also during the same night my Grandma had a stroke so they are both going to be in the hospital for a while. Please keep them in your prayers. They are both in their mid 80's but up until the last year or two have been quite healthy. Thanks, I will try and keep this updated.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Hey Everyone, I started to hang up my christmas decorations today... I'm not sure where to start! At the apartment here they have a patio/balcony decorating contest and I am all in to WIN! I have some awesome stuff that ive collected over the past few years from clearence shopping thats the time to get it! I will take a picture once im finished and post it for you to see... I've also been checking out my competition and there are some nice ones but i think i can beet them! HAHA I went black friday shopping today from 530 to about 330 or so... I got a lot of good deals especially on something that ive been wanting to get for David... but I cant share in case he reads! And we saw 3 car accidents...I think people get a little crazy on black friday all so they can save a couple of bucks.. thats nuts. So yeah I hope you all have a good week/ end.. Ihave to work 10.5 hours tommorrow and so I'm going to be super tired! Talk to you later!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006