Friday, November 24, 2006

Hey Everyone, I started to hang up my christmas decorations today... I'm not sure where to start! At the apartment here they have a patio/balcony decorating contest and I am all in to WIN! I have some awesome stuff that ive collected over the past few years from clearence shopping thats the time to get it! I will take a picture once im finished and post it for you to see... I've also been checking out my competition and there are some nice ones but i think i can beet them! HAHA I went black friday shopping today from 530 to about 330 or so... I got a lot of good deals especially on something that ive been wanting to get for David... but I cant share in case he reads! And we saw 3 car accidents...I think people get a little crazy on black friday all so they can save a couple of bucks.. thats nuts. So yeah I hope you all have a good week/ end.. Ihave to work 10.5 hours tommorrow and so I'm going to be super tired! Talk to you later!


Chad said...

You are a brave woman Kristina

danamarie said...

you will win! I can only imagine what you have! Your dad said you had TONS of stuff! I shopped all day too!