Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wow I am totally spaced out right now. I'm working to so that's not a good thing! Everyone has to keep asking me the same question over and over before I realize that they are even talking to me. NOT GOOD! My week has been pretty good I guess. Just work and stuff. The church shower went pretty good last week and now I have the Coffey shower tomorrow night. So that will be fun. Also this week my Dad broke his finger bone and has to have surgery on it Friday morning they are going to cut open his knuckle and then wire the bone piece that is floating around in his hand back to where it is supposed to be. Then he will be off work for 3 more weeks. That puts us one day before my wedding so hopefully everything is good. Then my cousin Danny is coming home from the ARMY on Friday so I get to go and pick him up from the bus stop at 2:00. Its exciting to get to see him again we haven't seen him since Christmas when he had his last leave... Hold on I have to go and start a couple of movies... Ok I'm back now.. humm what else do I want to write about... Davids cousin called today and she is pregnant but she called to tell us she is having twins that is so exciting it will her their 3rd and 4th children. We are camping right now so I have a burnt face and arms but it don't hurt that bad. hum what else I have no clue I am going to leave now and do something more productive. BYE BYE

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some words to the wise from the unwise:

Since I've begun working at this theatre I have heard my fare share of stupid comments/complaints. Here are a few of mine and my coworkers favorite complaints.

1-When a person comes late to a movie and asks to have the movie rewound so they can watch the beginning.( it is physically impossible to the film to be rewound)Come on people get a clue and come to your movie on time.

2-The popcorn is to salty. Well actually we use the same amount of salt in every batch of popcorn that me make. The reason your popcorn is to salty is because you just dumped half a pound of salt on it from the shaker.

3-The picture on the screen is blurry... That's because the movie has not started yet.

4- where's the bathroom... Right by the huge sign that says restrooms.

5- Refills are 27cents that's nuts why cant it be just 25 cents... Because the law requires us to tax the food we sell.

6- Customer:"The sign says its only 5.60 why are you charging me 6.20?"
Answer: Once again because we serve the food to you we are required to put a tax on the food we serve.
Customer:" Well that is stupid"
Answer: Well actually not really because any other place that serves food to you (such as Burger King) taxes their food and you don't complain about that do you?

Some people seriously need to get a major clue. Working at the theater can be fun but it comes with stupid people. The staff and the managers do not have anything to do with the outrageous ticket prices the corporate office controls all of the pricing, so when someone yells at a staffer because the prices are so high they really shouldn't because they don't have any control over the prices.

Monday, June 19, 2006

More new and exciting news about the wedding. Today we went and picked up the bridesmaid dresses and my wedding dress and veil from the bridal shop today. They are all so pretty. Tomorrow we are going to be taking them to my Aunt Jans house to have them altered. Mine just needs a strap adjustment and then the bridesmaid dresses only need a few things like hems and bringing in the chest area on another one of the dresses. So not to much alterations to be done. Now all I need to get is a tiara and some shoes... I have a cute pair of flip flops that I am considering wearing but I don't know yet. Depends on if I can find a cute strappy sandal that I like or not. But other wise things are going pretty good. Oh yeah and this morning our neighbor called us and they found a cute little kitten and they wanted to know if I wanted it and I really did but David and I don't know where we are going to be living yet so I couldn't have it. It was so cute though I wish I could have had it. Oh well life goes on. And of course it has to go one to work. How boring, the inventory is so screwed up it blows and now im waiting for one movie to get out and there are only 2 people in it which makes it all the worse for waiting. oh well. Tomorrow I get to hang out with my cousin Brie and maybe my cousin Chelsea. Brie is in my wedding and so we are going to get our dresses fit then I have a bridal shower at night that my church is giving me and so we are going to that and Chelsea wanted to spend the night tonight with me even though im working but she came over anyways after my brothers softball game. I might take them both shoe shopping and to a movie tomorrow but I don't know for sure.. that or to the beach because its so nice outside. Well im going to go and shut down booth I will add some pictures later of me and my cousins. BYE!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away!... well at least we still had fun. Today is of course fathers day so David and I went over to his grandpa's house and visited with his family for a while and we played croquet. I think that is how its spelled ... I won the first game and David won the second game. They also got the kyacks out and went for a ride out on the pond. Then we went to my uncle Eric's house and met up with everyone there to play some horseshoes even though I dont trust myself with them they made me fill in anyways. I didnt hurt anyone which is good and I actually scored a few points. YEAH for me!!!! Each team played three times and it took about 4 hours because there are about 15-or-16 teams in the league and almost everyone is family which is pretty cool. Now I'm at home and David and I are just wasting time away because we are pretty bored doing not to much so yeah.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hey everyone, what a beautiful day it is today. Wow its nice out. Unfortunetly I have to work tonight and waste away the awsome night indoors running movies. BUMMER! Tomarrow I dont have to work but I will still have a busy day but at least I get to be out doors most of the day. The official start to

the HorseShoe Tourniment starts tomarrow. But I dont allow my self to play becuase I can be quite dangerous while trowing those shoes. So I am the official score keeper which is more in my league. I think I can handle that job pretty well. That picture is of my brothers puppy dog. He is 4 and he is a cuttie! His name is Toby. I think after Toby Kieth but im for sure. If you are sitting down he likes to come up to you and stick his head between your arm and your body. He is a strange dog. But you gotta love em any ways.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wow what a long night it has been, I am so totally ready to go home and go to bed but tomorrow will be another long day that I get to look forward to. I have to meet with David and the Pastor and then I have to return some promotional items from the theatre back to the owners and then I have an extremly important meeting at work tomarrow night so once again I will be very tired. Everyone have a good night!
Hey Everyone, Welcome to my totaly awesome blog... I dont know how well I will keep up with this but if I get bored at work I now will have something to do! I currently can not add any pictures because I'm not at home but I will add them as soon as I can. Most of you know about the exciting days I have ahead of me, but for those of you who don't... I will bet getting married on July 22, 2006 and I am so excited about it. David and I have been together now for 4 years now. Its hard to believe how fast time flys by when you get busy with things. It seems like just yesterday that David moved to Chicago.. well actually Woodridge to go to school year round at Westwood College of Technology and now he is finished and has his bacholors degree in computers systems and security and networking stuff. Im so proud of him. Now I get to see him more than once or twice a month its more like 3 or 4 times a weeks; its so crazy getting to see him so much. I guess I should get used to him because I get to live with him for the rest of my life! :) Which is a good thing by the way! So now David is in the process of finding a job which can be a stuggle considering the job market in Michigan but there are jobs out there that he can do. But until he finds one we cant really do to much as far as getting a house or getting a new car for David which he could really use and we cant book our honeymoon yet until we know how much time he can get off once he has a job so its kind of hard to plan some of the improtant details that we need to get figured out so. So yeah we have no idea where we will be living yet. I still have to finish school at GVSU and I work in Holland so we are hoping David can find a job in the Holland, Grandrapids, Grand Haven area. Wish us luck with everything.