Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hey everyone, what a beautiful day it is today. Wow its nice out. Unfortunetly I have to work tonight and waste away the awsome night indoors running movies. BUMMER! Tomarrow I dont have to work but I will still have a busy day but at least I get to be out doors most of the day. The official start to

the HorseShoe Tourniment starts tomarrow. But I dont allow my self to play becuase I can be quite dangerous while trowing those shoes. So I am the official score keeper which is more in my league. I think I can handle that job pretty well. That picture is of my brothers puppy dog. He is 4 and he is a cuttie! His name is Toby. I think after Toby Kieth but im for sure. If you are sitting down he likes to come up to you and stick his head between your arm and your body. He is a strange dog. But you gotta love em any ways.

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