Monday, June 19, 2006

More new and exciting news about the wedding. Today we went and picked up the bridesmaid dresses and my wedding dress and veil from the bridal shop today. They are all so pretty. Tomorrow we are going to be taking them to my Aunt Jans house to have them altered. Mine just needs a strap adjustment and then the bridesmaid dresses only need a few things like hems and bringing in the chest area on another one of the dresses. So not to much alterations to be done. Now all I need to get is a tiara and some shoes... I have a cute pair of flip flops that I am considering wearing but I don't know yet. Depends on if I can find a cute strappy sandal that I like or not. But other wise things are going pretty good. Oh yeah and this morning our neighbor called us and they found a cute little kitten and they wanted to know if I wanted it and I really did but David and I don't know where we are going to be living yet so I couldn't have it. It was so cute though I wish I could have had it. Oh well life goes on. And of course it has to go one to work. How boring, the inventory is so screwed up it blows and now im waiting for one movie to get out and there are only 2 people in it which makes it all the worse for waiting. oh well. Tomorrow I get to hang out with my cousin Brie and maybe my cousin Chelsea. Brie is in my wedding and so we are going to get our dresses fit then I have a bridal shower at night that my church is giving me and so we are going to that and Chelsea wanted to spend the night tonight with me even though im working but she came over anyways after my brothers softball game. I might take them both shoe shopping and to a movie tomorrow but I don't know for sure.. that or to the beach because its so nice outside. Well im going to go and shut down booth I will add some pictures later of me and my cousins. BYE!!

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