Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wow I am totally spaced out right now. I'm working to so that's not a good thing! Everyone has to keep asking me the same question over and over before I realize that they are even talking to me. NOT GOOD! My week has been pretty good I guess. Just work and stuff. The church shower went pretty good last week and now I have the Coffey shower tomorrow night. So that will be fun. Also this week my Dad broke his finger bone and has to have surgery on it Friday morning they are going to cut open his knuckle and then wire the bone piece that is floating around in his hand back to where it is supposed to be. Then he will be off work for 3 more weeks. That puts us one day before my wedding so hopefully everything is good. Then my cousin Danny is coming home from the ARMY on Friday so I get to go and pick him up from the bus stop at 2:00. Its exciting to get to see him again we haven't seen him since Christmas when he had his last leave... Hold on I have to go and start a couple of movies... Ok I'm back now.. humm what else do I want to write about... Davids cousin called today and she is pregnant but she called to tell us she is having twins that is so exciting it will her their 3rd and 4th children. We are camping right now so I have a burnt face and arms but it don't hurt that bad. hum what else I have no clue I am going to leave now and do something more productive. BYE BYE

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