Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some words to the wise from the unwise:

Since I've begun working at this theatre I have heard my fare share of stupid comments/complaints. Here are a few of mine and my coworkers favorite complaints.

1-When a person comes late to a movie and asks to have the movie rewound so they can watch the beginning.( it is physically impossible to the film to be rewound)Come on people get a clue and come to your movie on time.

2-The popcorn is to salty. Well actually we use the same amount of salt in every batch of popcorn that me make. The reason your popcorn is to salty is because you just dumped half a pound of salt on it from the shaker.

3-The picture on the screen is blurry... That's because the movie has not started yet.

4- where's the bathroom... Right by the huge sign that says restrooms.

5- Refills are 27cents that's nuts why cant it be just 25 cents... Because the law requires us to tax the food we sell.

6- Customer:"The sign says its only 5.60 why are you charging me 6.20?"
Answer: Once again because we serve the food to you we are required to put a tax on the food we serve.
Customer:" Well that is stupid"
Answer: Well actually not really because any other place that serves food to you (such as Burger King) taxes their food and you don't complain about that do you?

Some people seriously need to get a major clue. Working at the theater can be fun but it comes with stupid people. The staff and the managers do not have anything to do with the outrageous ticket prices the corporate office controls all of the pricing, so when someone yells at a staffer because the prices are so high they really shouldn't because they don't have any control over the prices.


danamarie said...

Hey Kristina!

Your blog is so cool...i have one too but mine is just bla...I have not updated in forever maybe i should do so now! Gotta run WEDDING details for danielle gotta check on! Luv ya!

jane beyer said...

Thanks for the fyi about your blog. It's a great place to find out what's going on in your life. It was fantastic to see you this week! The movie was great, by the way! Please keep in touch!