Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away!... well at least we still had fun. Today is of course fathers day so David and I went over to his grandpa's house and visited with his family for a while and we played croquet. I think that is how its spelled ... I won the first game and David won the second game. They also got the kyacks out and went for a ride out on the pond. Then we went to my uncle Eric's house and met up with everyone there to play some horseshoes even though I dont trust myself with them they made me fill in anyways. I didnt hurt anyone which is good and I actually scored a few points. YEAH for me!!!! Each team played three times and it took about 4 hours because there are about 15-or-16 teams in the league and almost everyone is family which is pretty cool. Now I'm at home and David and I are just wasting time away because we are pretty bored doing not to much so yeah.

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