Monday, February 16, 2009

6 months old!

I've been slacking on updating my blog so I thought I better do it now while David is playing with Elijah. Things have been going great. Elijah is rolling all over the of his favorite spots is under the couch. He likes to roll over to it and get his bottom half and a shoulder under it. He is getting pretty good at sitting up and can now get up on his hands and knees in the crawling its a matter or coordination and moving the arms in legs to get him crawling. Its so much fun to watch him. He is constantly wanting to be moving. We also took Elijah swimming for the first time on Valentines Day at a hotel. He wasn't quite sure what to think of it. Afterwords he just cuddled up with daddy while mommy swam some more. We also went to chuck e cheese for Davids birthday which makes 2 trips there with Elijah! He doesn't know what is going on but he had fun watching all the kids run around. By the end of the night he crashed in mommy's arms even with all the loud music and crazy kids everywhere, he was so tired. Elijah still isn't sleeping through the night but we are trying some different things to try and change that...we are not letting him sleep after David picks him up from work and he gets so tired and crabby around 8:30 but we don't let him go to sleep until around 9:30. Hopefully things will start working out because I get crabby to when I don't get enough sleep either!

Here are Elijahs 6 month pictures that we had taken 3-2-09 at Sears. They turned out pretty good but Elijah was a little tired and was a little scared of the lady taking the pictures at first. But he warmed up and we got a couple of cute smiles out of him.