Sunday, May 20, 2007

Nyla is a fighter

This morning the doctors removed the tube from Nyla throat and put her on a c-pap machine. She is doing great! They are now slowly reducing the amount of oxygen support she receives from the c-pap. Currently she is at a 38. The doctor said that a normal baby has a 21 on their own. She is so close to getting off of oxygen support. They also placed the IV pick into her head because the one in her hand was swelling. So far it is doing its job and her swelling has gone down some. They still have the needle (IV) in her had but it is not attached to anything at the moment. I believe they used it once to give her some medicine but that is all. Hopefully they will be able to remove that in the next day or so. While visiting up at Devos this afternoon Nyla was awake and alert. She loves looking at you and listening to you talk to her. I guess yesterday she was quite fussy and didn't really want visitors/attention but today she was loving it! I think mainly because that tube is out and now she can move her head a round a little more and is more comfy. Also while visiting this afternoon the nurse said that Nyla looked like she was ready to eat something. They will probably try that in the next day or so also. What they will do is put a feeding tube down to her stomach and place just a tiny bit of milk in her stomach. To much could make her sick since she hasn't eaten anything since she was born. At this point all good is happening which is great. The only main concern is for infection where there have been holes poked into her for IV's and such. Other wise she is doing great. Thanks for all your continued prayers, they are greatly appreciated and they are truly being answered! Thanks again

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