Friday, November 21, 2008

Elijah's first SNOW

This one is our favorite. We took these pictures from Eli's bedroom. There is a nice big sliding door in there with a pretty view of the snow so of course I had to get some pictures! This one might end up as a christmas card this year... what do you think?
this is another one of my favorites but you cant see the snow in it.
He is such a happy boy. Every morning when I wake up its usually to a happy face like in this picture!
Im not sure what he was thinking in this picture but it is cute and shows his how to build a snowman shirt off well and all the snow that we had outside!
This is one of Elijahs new things to do... blow bubbles... LOL it is so cute but messy. He also discoverd his tounge last week so thats always going in and out of his mouth as well!
Eli is now up to THREE times with rolling over. He is getting so big and strong and we are just loving him to pieces. He weighed in at 12.9 and was 24 in. at his 2 month appt.

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