Saturday, January 16, 2010

Savings of the week...

I think I am going to start adding some different things to my blog besides family updates and such. Today I will start of by sharing some of my great deals that I have gotten over the last two days.

Friday we make the trek up to Muskegon to the Lakes Mall to visit the motherhood maternity store. I was looking online at some of their sale items and was going to buy online but I don't really like to return stuff so we decided to make the trip. I was looking to get a dress or two for a few upcoming weddings that we have as well as some nursing bras. I was lucky enough to find 2 new dresses, 2 long sleeve t-shirts, 1 sweater, 1 pair corduroy pants, and 3 bras. I was really excited to finally find some dresses to wear and other warm clothes for the winter. I spent $175 dollars which seems like a lot but I saved $112 dollars which is also a lot. Plus, Motherhood has good quality clothing that will last for all the rest of my pregnancy's and I will be able to use them over and over again.
While at the mall we also stopped in at The Childrens Place. I've been looking for some pj's for E and they have their monster sale going on. I found 2 pairs of pj's and 1 red and white stripped sweater for him. The pj's were on sale for 6.99 and the sweater was only $5 bucks! Which is really cheap for childrens place. I dont know how much I saved there at the moment. but I know it was a lot!

Saturday (today) mom and I went over to Carters to look for a b-day present for her neighbors son who will be 1. Of course you can't go into that store and not buy anything. So once again I was looking for p'js and found some along with a lot of other stuff. I bought a baby present for a friend, a spring jacket, 2 sets of pj''s, 1 pair of fleece pants, and a shirt for E. The original prices for everything before taxes came to a total of $125 dollars! That is so much money! But they had a lot of sales/clearance with an additional 30% off and then I had a coupon for 25% off your total purchase so I was able to get all those items for a grand total, after taxes for only $18.88! Now thats a great deal!

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Emily Shuck said...

Great job! That's a lot of savings!