Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Trip Out

Today we ventured out to Target and to Meijer again. Today is my last Friday off until April when we have our next baby. So we made a day of it by shopping and saving. First we hit up Target to get some shower and wedding presents. I also was checking out diapers because I have some good coupons to use there. While looking I found a pack of size one diapers that someone had purchased online and then returned to the store. I guess when that happens they mark them really cheap to get rid of them. The top of the pack was also opened and taped back shut but for the price that I got them for it is worth it. (price to come after picture). They also have a TON of clearance going on right now. I found two 2T shirts for Elijah next winter that are so fun and 50% off so I picked them up. Those were my major deals for Target. Then we went to Meijer (had to take mom to get grocerys) and I brought along a few more coupons that I printed off. I got 4 boxes of granola bars and a G2 Gatorade drink. Here is the picture of my deals for the day!

Okay, so here is the run down:
Sunbelt Granola bars on sale for 2/$4
I used two BOGO coupons
Final Price for the 4 Boxes of Granola Bars: $4
Amount Saved: $4. 38

Gatorade G2 on sale for .99cents
Used a .50 cent off coupon
Final Price: .49 cents

Two Shirts original price: $6 each
Clearanced out at $3.00 each
Final price for 2 shirts: $6.24
Amount Saved: $6.24

Huggies Diapers Size 1, 84 count
Regular price: 16.99
Marked down price: $4.26
Coupon used: $1.50
Final Price: $2.76
Which averages out to be around .03 cents a diaper! When usually that pack would be about .20 cents a diaper! WOO HOO!!

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