Saturday, January 23, 2010

Meijer Saturday Trip

This is getting exciting for us! But I don't think I have a whole lot of storage spots available! But I will not need to buy anymore diapers for Elijah or the future baby. I have plenty of those stashed up. I also have plenty of cereal as well. I hope next week to find some good deals as well but I don' t think I will buy as much stuff as I did this week. It was a lot of fun to see how much I can save and how much food and toiletries I bring home for that amount of money. So my final trip for this week was back to Meijer for their Super Saturday Sale! Here is a picture of what I bought.

And the run down:

Non coupon items:
Loaf Pan
(2) Cheese Toast Meijer Brand

Sale Items, Coupon Items:
(2) Post Cereal: Reg $2.39
Sale for .99 cents.
Final Price 1.98 for 2 boxes
Saved: $2.80

(2) All Liquid Laundry Detergent: Reg $5.14
Sale for $3.00
Coupons: $2.00, $1.00
Final Price: $3.00 for 2
Saved: $7.28

(5) Colgate and Aquafresh Toothpaste: Reg $1.97 and $2.17
Sale for $1.00
Final Price: $5.00 for 5
Saved: $5.45

(2) Quilted Northern 6pk double rolls Reg $2.13
Sale for 1/2 off
Final Price: $2.13 for 2
Saved: $2.13

(5)DelMonte Veggies Reg. .99 cents
Sale: 69 cents
Coupons: $1.00/4, $1.00/5
Final Price: $1.45 for 5 cans
Saved: $3.50

(2) Kellogs Frosted Mini Wheats: Reg?
Sale: $2.50
Coupons: $1.50/2
Final Price: $3.50 for 2

Honey Nut Cherrios: Reg $3.39
Sale: $2.39
Coupons: $1.00
Final Price: $1.39
Saved: $2.00

(2) Gold Fish Crackers Reg $2.19
Sale: $1.00
Final Price: $2.00 for 2

Soft Soap Hand Soap Reg $2.84
Sale: $1.50
Coupon: .35 cents
Final Price: $1.15
Saved: $1.69

Total Before Coupons and Savings: $61.18
Total After Coupons and Savings: $30.30
Total Amount Saved: $30.88

I saved more than I spent!

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