Saturday, March 30, 2013

A new twist on the 'volcano'

I think everyone can proably remember to the old 'volcano' experiemnt when they were little. You know the one where you fill a container with baking soda and the pour vinegar into the container and watch it 'explode.' I came across a new way to do this experiment and had to give it a try. Here is what we did:

I filled 4 baby food jars with vinegar, about half way up. I then added food coloring to each jar and put different droppers into the jars.
I then took a 9x13 inch pan and filled it (covered the bottom of it) with baking soda.
After I had everything prepped I called my munchkins over so see what mommy was working on.
David did a little example of how it worked by putting the baking soda into Eli's hand and squirting it with the yellow vinegar. Eli thought it was pretty cool.
We then got to work squirting the vinegar onto the baking soda.
Eli focused on one area and would only squirt there.
Zeke liked to squirt all over.
We did fast, slow, lots of vinegar, and just a little bit of vinegar.
They loved trying out the different kinds of droppers and mixing the colors together.

After all the baking soda was used up I let them take forks and mix it together  and play around with it. This was an awesome experiment for the boys!

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