Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hop on Pop, Hand hand Finger Thumb

Eli was really wanting a friend over to do Dr. Seuss activities with so I asked Colton to come over one Friday after school to do Dr. Seuss activities with us. We did "Hop on Pop" and "Hand Hand Finger Thumb" together. 

First we read "Hop on Pop." This book is a lot about action and being on, in, under, over etc. So, while I was reading this book I gave each of the boys a plate, a cup and a toy dog. While I was reading the book they would then have to do the action with their items. So if I said Pup IN Cup, they would have to put the pup in their cup. Below it was talking about being small and tall so they make their pile small and tall. 
The next activity we did was from a page in the book where there are Three Fish in a tree. Ahead of time I cut out the pieces of the tree to resemble the tree in the book. I cut out the tree trunk, the orange 'leaves' and three blue fish. I then let the boys each have a glue stick and let them assemble their pieces to look like the picture in the book.
Even though the three fish are IN the tree in the book they wanting one fish to be on the ground.
The next thing we did was some hopping. It didn't turn out quite like I was thinking but the boys loved it anyways. I put different color wash cloths on the floor and they had to toss something on one of the cloths and then jump over that one. They just liked jumping one to the next and didn't care so much about anything else! It was fun and tiring...Zeke took a 3 1/2 hour nap this day...WHOA!

Next we read "Hand Hand Finger Thumb" This has always been one of our boys favorite books to read. The book is pretty much about monkeys drumming on drums. So what we did for this book was make noise makers. I gave the boys a paper plate and some markers and let them decorate the plates. 
Zeke had his finished pretty quick so I went and got the corn kernals out of the garage to fill our shakers with.
Colton did awesome coloring his plate.
Eli, of course, had to color the inside of the his plate, RED, everything is RED with this boy. He didn't care that the red would be inside because he wanted it to be with the corn....oye.
After they were finished coloring the plates I folded them in half and tapes them almost all the way shut. I left a small hole in them for the boys to scoop some corn and pour into the plate. After adding some corn I taped them the rest of the way shut and we had some fun little shakers. I was also going to have them make drums out of oatmeal cans, formula cans etc too but by this point they were pretty over doing crafts and activities and just wanted to play. 

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