Thursday, April 04, 2013

A story about a Mouse and a Cookie...

Zeke was getting bored one day while Eli was as school so we decided to make some sunshine like what was finally shining out side. I traced on of Zekes hands on a piece of paper and then stacked some other yellow papers behind it. This made cutting out the hands a lot quicker. 
 After I cut them out Ezekiel made sure they looked good.
 I cut out a circle for the base of the sun.
 Then Zeke when to work gluing on  the hand prints to his circle.

 All finished! Zeke's cute little sunshine!
 Okay on to that Mouse and Cookie... We are probably all familiar with the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and there are also a lot of other spin offs to go along with it.
We have a few of the books but there are a lot of other fun ones we are missing. 
The first activity we did was based on the book "The Best Mouse Cookie"

We made cookies!
I took one of my dry mixes and we worked together mixing in the rest of the ingredients.

 I cracked the eggs into a jar so it was easier for Zeke to add in. Eli added in the oil and vanilla in.
 Time to mix!

 While our cookies were baking I cut out some pieces for the boys to make some paper mouse's and cookies
 Zeke putting together his mouse.
 Eli working on his
 Now adding the chips to their cookies.
 Then they just felt like cutting for a little bit.
 Their finished Mice and Cookies we put popcicle stick onto so they could paly with them...they lasted a little while before getting destroyed...oh well!
 The next activity was from the book "If you give a Dog a Donut"
 There is a part in the story where the dog wants to build a kite so we decorated some kits of our own.

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