Friday, April 05, 2013

Green Eggs and Ham

 One Friday morning we invited some of our friends over to have a "Green Eggs and Ham" Day with us. It was so much fun and the boys and our friends loved it!

After reading the book to the kids we did a game of pin the green egg on the plate. Ezekiel did pretty good with his aim!

Eli taking a turn.
 Next we colored some hard boiled eggs that Miss Nicole brought over. The boys and Patience had some much fun coloring their eggies.
 Miss Nicole showing them how to use a crayon on the eggs
 Zeke's egg
 Eli's Egg
 Patience's eggs
 After we colored them we peels a few and cut them in half and then we  made deviled eggs and put food coloring in the yolk to make it green...{Green Eggs and Ham} The kids decided to give them a try.
Eli taking a bite.
 Next we had a fun egg race. I took out different sizes and shape of spoons from my drawer and each kid picked on out. They each had a few eggs that they would have to put on their spoon  and carry down to a basket one at a time. We were all winners!
 They had so much fun!
 After they had their eggs in the baskets we did it over...three times...switching spoons so we could try them all out.

 Zeke racing his egg
 Eli putting his in his basket
 Next we had some snack. I made Green Eggs and 'Bacon' for snack
 I took pretzels and lined 3 up next to each other then poured melted white chocolate over them to make a circle. Then I placed a green  M&M on top of the chocolate.
 The snacks was a huge hit!

 Micah woke from his nap to a house full of friends!
 Alexis is so cute! I love her to pieces!
 Next we did some 'egg' painting. We used opened up plastic easter eggs and dipped them in green paint and then made egg prints on our paper.

 After our last crafts we let the kids have a break with a little play time while we assembles lunch.
 We had green egg cookies
 Green egg jello

 eggs and ham
We also had some jello fish bowls left over from One Fish Two Fish and some Truffala Trees from the Lorax left over.

 The lunch was so much fun for the kids! We also made grilled cheese to eat.

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