Saturday, April 06, 2013

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

 One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish day with the boys! Zeke is showing off the new book!

I gave each of the boys some colored gold fish on a plate and 4 plastic baby food containers. I asked them to sort out the gold fish by color. Eli was able to sort his quick and Zeke took a little longer but did a great job with the reds and greens. The oranges and yellows were a little harder for him to sort but Eli and I helped him out a little with it.

 Next I gave the boys each a premade chart that I had drawn up the night before. It had the book name across the top with the fish and then there were four rows with a colored fish glued to the left side.
 I asked the boys to take a few fish from each of their piles and then line them up on the chart. We then counted up how many fish of each color we had. Below if our finished charts! The boys loved this!
 Next I wanted to recreat the cover of the book so I let the boys paint their hands and we made the matching  colors to the fish on the cover.

 Here are all our finished items drying on the stove. The gold fish charts we glued as well.
 For lunch we had fish lunch! I had a ton of fun coming up with the ideas for this lunch and honestly I think about 5% of it got eaten...they didn't want any of it but the ham! I had a fish cookie cutter that I used on bread, cheese and ham. Then we had gold fish and I made little fish bowls with blue jello and after it set for about 2 hours I slipped in some red sweedish fish so that they kind of stuck in the middle of the bowl and didn't sink. The boys loved the idea of this but hardly at any of it.

 For a drink I made strawberry milk which takes after a page in the book where is says something like 'everyone one who has a lot of ink should get a yink because a yink loves to drink pink ink' so the pink milk was our pink in...they wouldn't touch it!
 playing with their fishy jello
 you can kind of see the fish
 scooping out the fish
 Eli wanted his fish so he dumped the whole jar out and didn't eat any of it!

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