Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Good Humor Man

We need a little bit of Spring and Summer in our day today so I busted out "The Good Humor Man." This book has been around for quite a while. It was actually one of my books from when I was little and its one of the boys favorites to read during the summer.
One of the first things I did for this book was take the tubes of GoGurt yogurt and a cookie sheet. Then I snipped a corner on the tube and ...

...placed little drops onto the cookie sheet.
 Doesn't that look cool!
 Then pop those babies in the freezer until they are nice and solid. Then take a spatula and pop them right off the sheet and into a bowl to enjoy later on. These are kind of like dippin' dots!
 Next the boys and I made our own popcicles with our tupperware popcicle molds.
We filled them with some green juice that we had in the fridge.
and into the freezer they went. We also had a lemonade one and a strawberry yogurt one in the freezer. 

For a snack I pulled out come ice cream waffle cones from the pantry and wanted to fill them with something fun but the best I could come up with was marshmellows which the boys love anyways.
 They were so excited when they seen them!

 Eli munching away
 Ezekiel checking his out.
 Putting the paper wrapper from the cone onto his head.
 We also did a couple of crafts which I forgot to get 'in action' pictures of...oh well! Here we made ice cream cones with our naes on them and stacked them up. This is great of learning letters and colors.
We also made popcicles! I just cut out the shapes for both crafts ahead of time and let them do the gluing. The popcicles we also added some glitter to and then glued popcicle sticks to the backs. 

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