Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Trucks Galore!

If you have boys you probably have a ton of trucks and truck books. And you have probably stepped on a sharp little truck in the middle of the night to but that is not related to this post at all! So I decided to put some of the truck books and toys to extra use. We read a few of these truck books and then moved on to some experiments and crafts.
The first experiment we did was called "Clean Mud" It is simply made with baking soda and water! Super easy. Just fill a bowl with some baking soda. Then slowly add water to the powder until you get a nice mud consistancy. 
Zeke helps add in the water.
 Mixing it up.
 Here is our muddy {un}mess
 And of course it is only fun if you have trucks and a construction site to use it at!

 Next we found a bunch of different trucks and turned them tire side up.
 Then we took at close look at the tires and the different treds that they had.
 We love trucks!
 Eli checking out some of the different style tires. We talked about sizes and we counted how many tired the different trucks had.
 Next I put some different color paints onto a plate and let the boys drive the tractors though the paint and then drive across their paper.
 We had some tires that were not on any trucks and we used them as stamppers.
 They filled up their first pages and wanted to do another sheet.
 Making tracks
This was a huge success of a craft for the boys. 

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