Monday, January 02, 2012

16 Weeks

Today's date: Jan 2, 2012

How far along: 16 weeks

Total weight gain: -2 pounds

Size and growth of the baby: This week, your little one is around 4.5 inches long (crown to rump) and weighs in around 3 ounces. Baby is about the size of an avocado.
By week 16, your baby-to-be's body is doing more to support itself. The kidneys function and produce urine that then passes through the umbilical cord. Within the stomach, bile is secreted, although baby relies on you for all of it's nutrients. The baby's appearance changes as the scalp hair grows and may even have color. Developing facial muscles make it possible for baby to open and close it's mouth, maybe even give you a smile or two.
Gender: Unknown :)

Maternity clothes: Maternity pants for major comfort. And some maternity shirts.

Sleep: I am pretty sure Zeke is making it impossible for me to get any sleep especially now that he learned to climb out of his crib. Hopefully at some point I can rediscover what sleep is...

Best moment(s) of the week:Its the New Year! Both Eli and Zeke stayed away until after midnight to watch the ball drop with Mommy and Daddy!!

Movement: Small little flutters every now and again.

Food cravings/aversions: Everything sounds un-appetizing even though I am starving. Hard to find things that sound good. Sweets usually are a no go for me.

Morning sickness: Still a daily visitor. :(

Symptoms: Tired, morning sickness, a lot of low back pain this past week.

Labor signs: way to early

What I miss: Waking refreshed

What I'm looking forward to: An ultrasound in about 4 weeks! and Feeling better

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