Friday, December 30, 2011

A Merry Coffey Christmas

This has been a very busy holiday season for us at the Coffey Household. But a very fun one for sure. After quite a few holiday parties we finally made it around to Christmas Eve when we allowed the boys to open their stockings. Here they are waiting to open them up. They loved all their goodies that they got in them.
After the boys went to be Christmas Eve Night my parents brought over their big gift (still boxed up) but they were very awesome and stayed to help David put it together. I did a little bit of work on it but David and my Dad did most of it. I put the wheel barrow together a couple nights earlier and put that in a closet so the boys couldn't find it. The play house went together fairly easy but the roof on it was kind of a pain. Here is our tree and presents with the stockings handing on the back wall.
With Christmas being on a Sunday this year we knew we would only have so much time in the morning to open gifts so David and I opened ours on Christmas Eve after we had everything else all finished. Here we are in front of the tree and the boys goodies.
Christmas morning Elijah woke up before Ezekiel so he had to hang out in mommy and daddys room until Zeke got up. Which wasn't to long. Then we made them wait in the hall way so that I could get the camera ready.
We decided to wrap the play house just in case one of the boys (mainly Elijah) woke up in the middle of the night and happen to see it. We used some twin sheets to do the job and some ribbon I had. Looked pretty good.
We let the boys unwrap the house and they loved it! Eli thought it was just a big tent at first and wanted to know how to get in it so we told him he had to unwrap it and see what was inside. After we let them play for a little bit we let them start opening up presents.
They each got one big present at the end. Elijah got this hay lift tractor and a gravity wagon.
Zekey got a cool helicopter which he loves!
After a busy holiday week everyone was tired out. Elijah climbed on mommy and we both fell asleep then Ezekiel woke from his nap and laid with us and fell asleep as well!

We hope everyone had a great holiday season and wish everyone a wonderful new year!

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