Tuesday, December 27, 2011

15 Weeks

Today's date: December 27, 2011

How far along: 15 weeks

Total weight gain: 0 pounds. This is actually impressive considering with my boys pregnancy's that at this point I was at 10-15 LOST

Size and growth of the baby: At week 15, your baby-to-be stretches its limbs and bends at the elbows. It's getting big enough that you can feel many of these movements.
This week your baby is roughly the size of a small apple or orange. Bones are continuing to grow and lengthen. While it looks more like a baby, the skin is still thin and translucent with the veins visible.

Gender: Unknown :)

Maternity clothes: Mainly maternity pants. I only have one pair of regular pants that fit me and they were big on me to begin with but are starting to get tight as well. I am wearing a few maternity shirts as well but my regular ones still fit.

Sleep: ...Well considering I have two other boys who have been having some rough nights sleep is limited. Although when it does happen its good and baby doesn't bother me. Side sleeping with a pillow in front of me is so comfy.

Best moment(s) of the week: I haven't had to take my medicine for nausea as often which is good. Plus my Sister Katie and her new husband Jesse announced to our extended family that they are having a baby as well! They are due July 17th, about 4 weeks after us.

Movement: None yet but its there.

Food cravings/aversions: Cheese and Crakers are so good as well as olives and pickles. I can't stand the smell of chocolate and peanut butter together which is so strange because that combo is typically a favorite of mine!

Morning sickness: Every morning I make a visit to the trash can. Through out the day I get nauseous a lot but I am able to control it by eating a couple crackers every hour and a half or so. If that doesn't help then I have a Rx for it. At night I tend to get sick again especially after a shower when the bathroom is really hot and sticky...that combo makes me sick. I need cold fresh air to help me feel good. But I can say that I don't think this time around it is anywhere near as bad as it was with Ezekiel.

Symptoms: Tired, head aches, morning sickness

Labor signs: way to early

What I miss: Not having to worry so much! Seems strange but with two little boys running around thinking you are a jungle gym to climb on makes it a little worrisome. I also miss being able to wake up and spend the first morning minutes with my boys rather than being sick.

What I'm looking forward to: In about 4-5 weeks we will be able to have an ultrasound and see our little Coffey Bean again!

We had an Ultrasound at 12 weeks 4 days of our baby. Here is a picture from that ultrasound. Heart beat was 159

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