Friday, January 27, 2012

Dangling Dreams

Right around the beginning of the year Zeke learned how to climb out of his crib...oh crap! So instead of bringing over the toddler bed and putting the crib into storage (especially sense we will be needing it in a few months anyways) we decided to just take the side rail off the bed and use it as a 'toddler bed.' Really it was made to do that for when baby learns to climb. Zeke is pretty used to sleeping up against the sides of the bed. He loves he head in the corners etc...but because we took of the rail that took away 2 corners for him to snuggle up to which results in the following:

I really don't know how this is all..I would have such a stiff neck! But low and behold here he is sleeping away with his head dangling off the edge of the mattress! Silly boy!
And its not just once that he as done is often!
This time on his belly with his head over the edge.

And then there are the times when we don't 'catch' him sleeping like this in time and he winds up on the floor. This was while he was still learning to sleep in the 'new' bed so kept some padding on the floor next to the bed.
We don't know if he climbed down or fell down but he was sound asleep.

And then there is our Eli...he sleeps kind of funny to sometimes...dangling over the edge etc. No where near as much as what Zeke does but we do have to put him back in the middle of the twin size bed now and again. Here he is sleeping on the edge. Doesn't look to bad with just his arm dangling over but under the blankets both his legs were hanging over the edge as well.

And I wonder why my boys wake up so much at night! They need mattresses on the floor so they don't fall out of their beds so much!

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