Friday, May 01, 2009

A Challenge...

I am going to challenge myself to try and update my blog at least once if not twice a week. I don't really know if anyone even reads this but hey its a good place to put my thoughts and talk about my adorable son! HAHA So today is friday (good) and its May 1st(good-april showers bring may flowers so hopefully not to much more rain) and its Tulip Time kick off tonight at the park and we are taking Elijah to his first fireworks! We are going to borrow Coltons Dutch Dance Costume from last year and Elijah is going to wear it. I will post pictures as soon as we get some.

Looking back 5 years ago:
Where was I and What was I doing? It was my senior year of high school and for the month of may I was pretty busy. Now only was I excited to be finshed up with school soon but I was busy with Track and Field, Dutch Dance, Marching Band and of course Senior Prom. Here is a picture of David and I at my Senior Prom. We were both seniors and had been dating for a year.

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