Thursday, April 30, 2009

After reading every ones blogs that I have bookmarked on my browser I decided that I better update mine as well. Today is they day my Grandpas 'cremains' get buried. He wanted to be cremated and that takes a week to be done after the funeral so my mom and dad are going to the cemetery to bury him. No one else is going to go, just my mom and dad. Also another sad note, my brothers good friend Tommy that he works with, had his 5 week old daughter pass away yesterday morning. She had had hernia surgery and gone home and the doctors said to watch out for vomiting and other things and I guess during the night she threw up and choked on her vomit and when Tommy found her in the morning she was cold and he tried to do CPR but couldn't save his little girl. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare to bury their little angel.

So on a happier note now...

Things are going good for us now. Elijah isn't sick anymore and he is doing way better sleeping through the night now. Its kind of weird but usually when kids get sick it throws off their sleeping habits but when Elijah got his his sleep actually improved. He went from getting up a lot to not getting up at all during the night. It's been nice to actually get some sleep and I hope that it continues to stay the way it is. Also Elijah is still moving all over the place. I think he finally realized what he can do with his crawling skills. He has learned that he can follow us around the apartment and he likes to explore. His favorite spot to crawl to is the kitchen. He will sit next to the linoleum and pull his fingers across the floor and make them squeak. He gets the biggest kick out of the noise he makes. Elijah had also been pulling himself up for a while but now...he is taking steps while holding on to his toy shelf, or crib, or the couch... He is getting brave and wanting to keep up with his cousins. We also will hold him up and then move our hands away and he will stand for a few seconds on his own. But usually its not to long because he is such a wiggler and moves and falls over.

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VM's said...

hehe Thanks Kristina! :) You know, blogging gets addicting when instead of picking up a mess... you take pictures of the mess, go write about it on the blog and THEN clean it up! ha!

Elijah is getting so big! He is such a cutie! :) It definitely looks like you LOVE being a mom--I hope to be one some day! :)