Friday, May 15, 2009

So much in May

This month we have been quite busy. We have celebrated my first mothers day, and a trip to Binder Park Zoo, Elijah's first hair cut and beautiful weather to play outside with! Here is a collection of pictures from the month of May. Enjoy!

Elijah by the turtle at Binder Park Zoo
Elijah's First Train Ride (at the zoo)
He loved moving and watching things go by, which is why his head
is turned in every picture I took while on the train!

A Family shot while riding the train

Daddy and Elijah
Elijah loved to look at the giraffes, especially when they were up close!
He was so excited to watch and check things out.

Growing up!
I bought a new push walker toy at a garage sale for a buck and Elijah loves it!
He can walk across our living room while pushing it with out falling over.

Play Time Outside
Elijah is just like his Daddy, He is always daddy is flying him
through the air and he loves it as you can tell by his expression!

As you can tell, Elijah is growing up fast, he is 8 months old already. He is a very happy boy and love playing with mommy and daddy and all his cousins.

Elijah is now starting to stand...well kind of...
We hold him up and then let him go. The longest he has stood up
was about 8 seconds but hey its a start!

Mommy and Elijah

Me and my 'E' man

Daddy and Elijah
David and his very first home made rhubarb pie

A before shot of Elijah's hair...
This picture was taken while he was playing in some water that we put in his high chair tray...
at first he didn't know what to think but he loved it!
The Final Cut
Mommy was so nervous about cutting Elijah's hair but it turned out really good. It was kind of hard to cut because he is constantly moving but we got the job done!

A busy Boy is a tired Boy
Elijah fell asleep in daddy's arms and it was to precious to pass up.
Good Night My Love!

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