Thursday, March 08, 2012

Birth Order

A friend and I were discussing how similar our children are when it comes to the order they were born in. Here is what we found...

Our oldest children are dependent. They like/need almost constant attention from us, they rely on who ever is around them to help entertain them. They need a companion for playing with, snacking with or just chilling with.

Our second children are very independent. They love to sit and play alone by themselves. Read by themselves and have no problems finding ways of entertaining their minds alone. They do enjoy playing with the older sibling but can get along just fine with out.

So what is the point of all this? I just found that it was so interesting to relate our children to each other and see so many similarities between the birth orders of the kids. Eli always needs someone paying attention to him and we came to the conclusion that it might possibly be because of the fact that they were 'only children' for some time. Granted Eli was only 1 1/2 when Zeke was born but I did notice that he had issues with jealousy and I had to make sure I gave him special time and attention before and after doing things with Zeke (like nursing) otherwise Eli would get really naughty. And then that kind of led to our second child. Who never had mommy to themselves and had to wait for their turn finding their own ways to entertain themselves while waiting. Zeke is very big on going into his room and finding some books or toys to play with with out the interruption of anyone else. He enjoys playing alone and does so well with it unlike Eli who always has to have someone to play with.

Anyways, I just find this interesting and had fun comparing birth order of our children with my friend and seeing so many similarities between the children in each place of birth order. It will be interesting to see how our 3rd babies are!

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