Tuesday, March 27, 2012

28 Weeks

So okay yeah I am a little behind but with the unexpected gorgeous weather we have had over the last couple of weeks who is to blame right?

So here we go...

Zeke had a new love...bike rides, he loves to wear his helmet so we had to start keeping it in the garage...last night when he woke up at who knows what time he asked for a bike ride...seriously?

We have also made lots of trips to the park, see what Eli and Nyla are wearing...in March? Yeah that is why the delay of posts happened...loved the nice weather and was able to get rid of some of our cabin fever. Oh did I mention how nice it was outside? Thats Eli...running through the sprinkler in MARCH! Wow!
At the park with the Blaauw Cousins
On one of the cooler days while Zeke was napping Daddy took Eli down to the river behind the house to do some 'fishing.'
And all the nice weather wears a boy out...He decided sleeping under his bed rather than on it was the way to go.
And Zeke also has a new favorite...CowBoots! And the good part is he can take them off and put them on all by himself so I don't have to go crazy doing it for him! YAY!
Zeke also had to have his tubes replaced. His were blocked with fluid that had crystallized and was causing some hearing loss and had the tubes completely blocked so no fluid could drain from behind the ear drum. We have to go back in in 6 months for a recheck.
And some water table fun with Elijah...he was dunking his head in the water and catching the water dripping off his hair.

Now on to the next part:
Today's date: March 27, 2012

How far along: 28 weeks

Total weight gain: not sure but go to Dr next week...I'm guessing maybe 7-8 pounds?

Size and growth of the baby:This week Baby can actually smell! Though olfactory neurons (the cells that sense smell) have been developing all along, these cells do not specialize enough to detect odors until around this week. A protective plug of tissue in the baby's nose has also kept chemicals from reaching the receptors inside. But throughout the third trimester, the baby will be able to smell almost everything that you inhale or eat (liverwurst, anyone?), since amniotic fluid actually conducts scent. The baby's taste buds are also continuing to develop and at this gestational age baby will already show a marked preference for sweet tastes.
Fetal development at week 28

Gender: we don't know!

Maternity clothes: yes, some shirts are getting to short though

Sleep: If the boys are not waking me up then I am waking up to go to the bathroom...things are getting squished in there.

Best moment(s) of the week:Trying to get Eli to feel the baby...he looks at me like I'm crazy and is wondering what I am trying to do!

Movement: more than kicks now. I can feel baby turning around in there too.

Food cravings/aversions: chocolate?

Morning sickness: hit or miss...driving me nuts

Labor signs: none

What I miss: not having to pee all the time!

What I'm looking forward to: 12 weeks to go! YAY

Does anyone actually read this blog?

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Emily Shuck said...

Yes, and I enjoy it :) It's refreshing that you don't know what you're having. Most people it seems find out and already have the name picked out which I feel takes some of the fun of being preggo away. Has anyone said what they think you're having? Do you have a feeling if it's a boy or girl? Do you think Katie & Jesse will have a boy or girl? You guys are getting so close now! :)