Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy first Birthday Ezekiel!

Happy 1st Birthday to Ezekiel! We had a great time celebrating Zeke's first birthday this past Saturday. We went all out in the boy department and did a Construction theme party. Here are some of the decorations:

The food was served in and around trucks! With cones and cation tape everywhere. We had Jello molds in the shape of construction trucks and vehicles too! The sandwiches were in the big truck and forks in the cement truck. Condiments in the tool box!The cake was a dump truck my Mother in law made. Then we had ice cream cakes to go with it. Ezekiel smash cake was a little round cake with a dump truck and candle on it.
Ezekiel loved smashing his cake! Really he did but he HATED it when I put this birthday hat on him
Zekey opened up a few presents first thing in the morning. He got some new cute books!

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