Saturday, April 02, 2011

Adventure 365

So I have abandoned this blog. So sad! BUT I have returned with good intentions. Having two wonderful little guys running and moving all over the place keeps me really busy plus I have my other blog Cloth Diaper Addiction that keeps me very busy and on a schedule for posting. So anyways, I have a new goal for this blog. I will try to post at least one picture a day of the boys. This is a fun way to watch them grow physically, developmentally and emotionally. I will try to include a short caption with each photo as well as the date the picture was taken. I hope you enjoy! Also, I will be updating some things on the blog layout. You will soon have the option to subscribe to my blog which will allow you to get an email each time the blog is updated. You will be able to read the whole post right there in the email without actually having to visit the blog. However I would love for you to still visit the blog too!

So to start us off on our Adventure 365:

If you haven't guessed already we are all boy over here! Elijah came up with the wonderful idea to Jam Pile with Ezekiel. He will grab Ezekiel and pull him on him. Its now gotten to the point (when Zekey is in the mood) that when Elijah is laying on the floor Ezekiel will start laughing and charge on all fours over to where Elijah is and jumps on him. There is nothing better than the sound of your boys laughing and loving each other like this!

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