Tuesday, April 15, 2008

on your mark... get set...sew!

Ok so I have been doing some sewing lately on my new sewing machine... well I got it for my birthday in December, but anyways, I found this really cute pattern online for a ball you can make for kids to play with and I really liked it so I printed off the pattern and got to work. It was actually quite easy to make, but it turned out way bigger than I thought it would. Its about the size of a basketball and I was picturing it to be about half that size. But anyways it turned out cute I think. I used left over material from a turtle that I had made... picture of that at the bottom. Let me know what you think of it in my comments section. Thanks!

My finished 'baby grab ball'
See how big it is compared to my hand holding it? But its still cute!

Here is the turtle I made, it is kind of a taggy turtle, I still need to add some eyes to it. It turned out pretty good considering I had no pattern and I had only seen a picture of something like it online!

These are some other things I've made so far... the turtle painting matches our bed set that we are going to get called turtle bay. The fleece tie blanket is so soft. I found the material a while ago and had to get it, the back is a green color and it is that material with the little bump dots on it... i dont know what its called. Then there is the taggy turtle.

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Anna said...

I love the sewing you've been doing! how long have you been sewing? I'm working on a really sweet blanket for my friends baby girl due in june. I know exactly what I want to get your baby! it's perfect. Can you send me a link to the baby grab ball? Thanks! Anna