Saturday, April 19, 2008

More Baby Stuff...

Katie and I went out to Grand Rapids today to some different baby stores and I brought my camera along in hopes of seeing the stroller and bedding set I want to get... and I did see them both so I took some pictures to show everyone!

This is me testing out the stroller we are going to get...
This is the car seat we are going to get. It matches the stroller. The colors and pattern are so cute!
Here is a close up of the patterns. The letters are the GRACO letters but I still like it!
Here is the bedding set we are going to get. Its called Turtle Bay.
Here is a matching rug.

This is what the crib sheet looks likeThis is the Mobile. It is so stinkin' cute. I love the little turtles hanging from it.
This is the diaper stacker.
These are some matching wall hangings. The stars a so much fun!

Here is a new toy I made. Its a turtle. I brought it over to Jens on her birthday and Cole played with it for a while. He loved it. The material is fuzzy and he really liked that.Happy Cole. I think he was laughing at Uncle David.
Here is Nyla. She is starting to take a couple of steps at a time. Its so cute to watch. She gets so excited and tries to go fast but ends up falling over!
Here is Nyla climbing on top of Jens new birthday present... Rachael Ray Cookware set... ORANGE! to match her kitchen.

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