Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Prayer request for my Uncle, His semi caught on fire and he was burned

here is a note katie my sister wrote:
Good Morning,

I have a prayer request...

This morning my Uncle Sean was driving through Fort Wayne,
, inhis semi-truck when his truck caught fire.
We don't have a lot of details yet as to how it happened.
He was flown per Aero-med to the hospital in Fort Wayne.
The police called my aunt and told her the basic details and
gave her the hospital number where he was at. She called
there, and all they would tell her was that he was alive and
talking, but they needed to run of bunch of tests. About
twenty minutes ago Aunt Pen received a call from the hospital
to tell her that they were transporting my Uncle to the
Burn Center in Fort Wayne. What we know so far it that he has
burns on the right side of his body from his face down to at
least his waist. We don't know how bad they are or
anything yet. I'm sure that's why they need to run the tests.
Right now, Aunt Pen and the kids are headed down to the
hospital, and my Mom and Grandma are following close behind.
The doctors aren't saying too much, but I'm sure we'll have
more details once everyone gets to the hospital.
I'd appreciate it if you could Please keep our family in your
prayers during this time. You have all been such a wonderful
support with all we've been through with our little Nyla,
and I know you'll continue to be there for us now.
Thank you for that. It's nice to know that we can rely on family
and friends when we need it most.

I will keep you posted as I hear more throughout the coming days.

God Bless,

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