Thursday, February 02, 2012

Stuck inside

The boys love to play outside. Whether it be spring, summer, winter or fall, they love them all. So this winter (with the lack of snow and over abundance of rain) we have haven't had a lot of chances to go out to play. Usually David is the one to take them out. I like going out but by the time I get the boys dress (which takes forever) I am way to tired to want to go out and figure I could use a few minutes of quite time to myself. The boys love building snow forts and being pulled on the sled. So much fun.
So what do we do when its raining out all the time instead of snowing or the temperature is way to cold to be safe enough to play outside in? We entertain ourselves inside with lots of fun activities.

The boys got a few boxes of Trios for Christmas so they love to get those out to play. Eli love the farm set. He actually got this one for his birthday but its his favorite. Ezekiel has an airplane. I try to pick the strongest thing I can to build for him because he just likes to destroy them and I get sick of rebuilding them 20 times just so he can go and break them again. But they are really fun and cool building blocks.
Or next favorite thing to do is play in our toy bins...yeah we have that cool shelf with removable plastic toy bins which is a really nice toy self. But the bins are usually empty so we take the empty bins and make use of them...Zekes favorite is to fill them with water which is a HUGE HUGE mess so its done either in the kitchen or bathroom with about 8 towels laid out all over the floor. Today we decided to use something else. Eli wanted to 'push' stuff so I grabbed the stale cheerios from the cupboard.
SCORE they thought it was great! They each have their trucks in their bins to do the work of pushing and digging and loading...such boys! lol

I think Zeke liked eating them the most...

We also make a weekly trip to the library for our Laptime Session. Its basically story time with the kids. We also pick out about 6-8 new books a week to bring home and read. The boys love it. Eli is always asking it its Laptime Day. Here are the boys reading their books before bed...all on there own. We didn't make them they just love to read!

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